Fixing the DiggDigg Pinterest Button

We use Buffer’s DiggDigg WordPress plugin for a lot of our sites and clients. We all know it loads slower but we overlook that part because we love it :)

Every one of us in the digital marketing/SEO space know how important social media is for online visibility so plugins like this can make things very easy for readers to share your content around.

This plugin has a notorious problem though, mainly with Pinterest’s button and it’s frustrating to many people. Businesses that rely on Pinterest basically just drops this plugin for something else because of this one issue.

What am I talking about anyway? This.

Pinterest Button on Diggdigg Plugin

Why does it have to step on the other button!?


You might be thinking this is a hard fix, but it is pretty simple – “in most cases” or “in most themes”

Let’s fix your DiggDigg’s Pinterest Button now!

1. Copy this code below

.dd_button_v a[data-pin-log="button_pinit"] { margin-top: 30px !important; }

2. Go to your Quick CSS area on your WordPress Dashboard. It can be called something else but it should be the only one with “CSS” in it’s name.

edit CSS to help diggdigg pinterest button

Just Click the Edit CSS or Quick CSS Button

3. Paste the copied code to your Quick CSS editor. Save it!

paste code to fix Pinterest button on DiggDigg Plugin

Just paste the code here.

4. Now load your post and it should be fixed (in most cases)

A working Pinterest Button That Looks Right on DiggDigg

It now looks right!

Hope you liked this one. Just a few steps from having a correctly looking, floating share bar.

It’s an easy fix that could get you more social shares down the road, instead of just dropping the plugin altogether.

If you have fixes for specific themes, you can share it here and I’ll update the post!

If you found this useful, be sure to share this post around.


A Genesis and Yoast Quick Fix to Show Rel=”Next” and Rel=”Prev”

rel prev rel next genesis yoast seo plugin

When Rel=”Next” and Rel=”Prev” Does Not Show Automatically In Genesis When Using Yoast

I have to give the Studiopress team a lot of credit, they made me fall in love with a freaking WordPress Theme/Framework. Nope, that’s not an affiliate link. You can take a look at their stuff if you want. They have a great selection of child themes as well and it’s even better now compared to the last version. Personally, I got over Thesis pretty quickly because of this.

Anyway, most of the blogs I run use Genesis and it’s no surprise that I recommend it to most clients that are starting online. It’s easier for us to tweak for clients and it’s already great out of the box.

Genesis comes with a great SEO ready framework but using an SEO plugin to take it further is usually a preferred choice. One of the more popular plugins used with Genesis is Yoast’s SEO Plugin. Once the plugin is turned on, Genesis turns it’s own SEO settings off so it doesn’t get in the way. Pretty awesome.

The problem with SEO plugins, is that it changes a lot of code. Couple that with a child theme and a few other plugins – you just increased your chances to have some code get tangled up with each other.

One of the problems I saw recently with a new client who was already using Genesis, was that it was missing the rel=”next” and rel=”prev” codes for pagination which (normally) automatically shows up with either Genesis or with Yoast. What’s it for? Just basic SEO you need to do. Check more about it here and here. Moz has an old article about it, too.

[Read more...]


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