Own A Shopping Mall? Your Online Marketing Might Be In Bad Hands

Disclaimer: I don’t really “out” industry people but when they (that includes their teams) cross the line and spam my blogs repeatedly (yes, plural) – I don’t really appreciate it. I sometimes have urges to write about these things but I usually get drowned in work so I never get around to do so. This is actually my first time, yey! I’m not putting it off anymore because I’m fed up with this crap.

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My first image post on this blog!

When to Drink Coffee

So when do you drink your coffee?

Since I spent a few minutes of my time making this image, I figured that I might as well put this here on the blog.

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Why Does SEO Have a Bad Rep in the Philippines?

We have talked to almost a hundred local companies over the past couple months. 90% have heard of Social Media marketing and slightly above 48% of these companies have heard of SEO in some capacity.

Here in the Philippines, we found out that companies that have heard of SEO would rather go the social marketing route (and hire a one man team to post random updates daily) or non at all as their past experiences with SEO has left a bad taste in their mouths. Most of them that did try it, don’t even know what happened to their investment.

We dug just a bit deeper to find out what’s been causing companies to not work with us, why we chose to not work with them or why they prefer not to do any marketing related to the internet. Plus a short message to business owners, executives and managers.

1. No Results

Someone cold called them and offered SEO. They took it and saw no results since they were never given any reports. When we looked at the sites, they were never optimized but were sent a few blog network links or Web 2.0 links with a single spun article. If you are reading this and are new to internet marketing or SEO, try to keep your distance from those that want to send you links from artificial, low quality blog networks and spun articles.

Obviously, they didn’t bother to renew with the provider.

  • Lesson: No report, shady. No contact for a month, very shady. Not telling you what to expect nor what they do = STAY AWAY.

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Becoming a Remote Digital Marketing and SEO Company

It has been a dream for a while. Ever since I started in this space, I’ve dreamt of the 4 hour work week, working remotely, traveling the world and seeking new adventures.

Obviously, I found out the hard way – that the startup grind is, well, taxing and time consuming. The LeapFroggr brand is still new and we’re just getting started so a lot of the burden is on me.

Leapfroggr SEO and Digital Marketing

We’re Going Remote!

Hiring, training, writing, marketing, socializing, testing, emailing, managing, working on campaigns, dealing with business related matters, talking with clients and prospects. I have people in place and I do delegate but there are still some things that only I can do at the moment and I hope to fully get my hands off of most of them before the year ends.

The 4 hour work week is basically impossible if I continue to hold the reigns tightly and it’s likely that I’ll be holding on to it for the next couple of years until I can finally move over to our startup development side – they will be staying put in their office for the mean time.

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Learn Inbound Marketing Through Industry Communities

Over the years, there has been a lot of different curation sites that have come and gone.

Techmeme has stood the test of time, while Digg (how I miss the easy boatloads of traffic…) has been “re-conceived” to act like one last year. I consider HackNews within this realm, too. It’s practically a household name now so you know how awesome the community is over there.

This is also true for internet marketing/inbound marketing/digital marketing/whatever you want to call it.


sphinn logo

Remember Sphinn?

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HTTP Error on WordPress During Image and Media Uploads

HTTP Error WordPress

Do you see this sometimes? Often? Always?

Do you see an “HTTP Error” when you try to upload images to your WordPress blog?

Did it happen all of a sudden? Did you notice that if you keep trying, something will eventually get through?

There are actually multiple fixes for this:

  • Htaccess fixes (probably will not solve your problem)
  • Not Htaccess fix (Yeah, this could work for you)
  • If you are on Nginx, then Htaccess fixes won’t work, so check this if it will work for you.

My Suggestion:

  • Check if you have a plugin that minimizes image sizes, like Smush It.
  • Deactivate it.
  • You’re done.

The reason? Yahoo’s server response has been erratic for weeks now. So Smush It is timing out when you upload image files.

Just a simple tip for today, someone out there might need it.


Fixing the DiggDigg Pinterest Button

We use Buffer’s DiggDigg WordPress plugin for a lot of our sites and clients. We all know it loads slower but we overlook that part because we love it :) Every one of us in the digital marketing/SEO space know how important social media is for online visibility so plugins like this can make things very easy for readers to share your content around. This plugin has a notorious problem though, mainly with Pinterest’s button and it’s frustrating to many people. Businesses that rely on Pinterest basically just drops this plugin for something else because of this one issue. What am I talking about anyway? This.

Pinterest Button on Diggdigg Plugin

Why does it have to step on the other button!?

You might be thinking this is a hard fix, but it is pretty simple – “in most cases” or “in most themes”

Let’s fix your DiggDigg’s Pinterest Button now!

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A Genesis and Yoast Quick Fix to Show Rel=”Next” and Rel=”Prev”

rel prev rel next genesis yoast seo plugin

When Rel=”Next” and Rel=”Prev” Does Not Show Automatically In Genesis When Using Yoast

I have to give the Studiopress team a lot of credit, they made me fall in love with a freaking WordPress Theme/Framework. Nope, that’s not an affiliate link. You can take a look at their stuff if you want. They have a great selection of child themes as well and it’s even better now compared to the last version. Personally, I got over Thesis pretty quickly because of this.

Anyway, most of the blogs I run use Genesis and it’s no surprise that I recommend it to most clients that are starting online. It’s easier for us to tweak for clients and it’s already great out of the box.

Genesis comes with a great SEO ready framework but using an SEO plugin to take it further is usually a preferred choice. One of the more popular plugins used with Genesis is Yoast’s SEO Plugin. Once the plugin is turned on, Genesis turns it’s own SEO settings off so it doesn’t get in the way. Pretty awesome.

The problem with SEO plugins, is that it changes a lot of code. Couple that with a child theme and a few other plugins – you just increased your chances to have some code get tangled up with each other.

One of the problems I saw recently with a new client who was already using Genesis, was that it was missing the rel=”next” and rel=”prev” codes for pagination which (normally) automatically shows up with either Genesis or with Yoast. What’s it for? Just basic SEO you need to do. Check more about it here and here. Moz has an old article about it, too.

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Why do I use a long ass title tag? Why don’t I follow normal SEO rules? Rules that I recommend! It’s because I don’t want to! It’s my blog and I don’t really want to be conventional with it. It’s an avenue for me to test things. To vent out. To be creative. To share what I want to share. I don’t do keyword research for the posts here. I didn’t expect much organic traffic from the start so it’s not something I’ll be building towards to anytime soon…unless traffic and demand magically pours into this site, then I’ll have to rethink things! – Me


There is no such thing as a ‘self-made’ man. We are made up of thousands of others. Everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us, or spoken one word of encouragement to us, has entered into the make-up of our character and of our thoughts, as well as our success. – George Burton Adams